Relapse Prevention in Woonsocket, RI

So, you've ‘graduated' from rehab, and you're ready to get on with the rest of your life. Best of luck, but please remember one thing. Getting through drug detox in Woonsocket is only the first step on your lifelong path of recovery. If you were recently released from a rehab facility, and if your goal is to remain clean and sober for life, you'll want to know more about relapse prevention in Woonsocket, RI.

What Is Relapse?

In simple terms, relapse happens when a person in recovery goes back to their former habit. Statistics show that most people who quit drinking or stop taking drugs to get high do experience at least one ‘slip' on the road to recovery. It may even happen to you. Boost your chances of keeping your abstinence intact when you avail yourself of the many fine relapse prevention programs available right here in Rhode Island.

What Are the Warning Signs of Impending Relapse?

When you got sober, you did so by learning how to deal with life's situations without resorting to drugs. You learned to use tools of recovery to reinforce your abstinence. When you "forget" to use those tools, or stop using them altogether, you are setting yourself up for relapse. Persons on the edge of relapse find excuses to skip group recovery meetings and miss appointments with their therapist.

If you begin to romanticize the times when you used, you might be on the way to a relapse. Sure, there may have been genuine good times back in your using days, but if you conveniently fail to remember the bad times, too, you could be playing with relapse. Beware of relapse, if you begin to look for your old dealers and party pals.

Persons on the edge of relapse typically tell themselves that "just one" won't hurt. The thing is, that one will lead to three and so on and so on. If any of these behaviors sound like you, this is the right time to pick up the phone and call your sponsor. Better yet, contact your rehab counselor and ask about drug relapse prevention programs in your neighborhood.

The Stages of Relapse

As a full-blown relapse unfolds, it presents a range of emotional, mental, and physical phases. These stages may show up hours, days, or even weeks before someone actually takes a drug or drinks. The addict may act defensively, and demand that others mind their own business. They may disregard their personal hygiene while experiencing chaotic mood swings. They forget what they learned in relapse prevention programs. Destructive thoughts are typical in those who are about to relapse. If this sounds like you or someone you care about, relapse prevention programs are standing by to offer immediate support.

A one-time return to a former habit may be called "a slip." It's a not uncommon behavioral mistake and doesn't always indicate that full-tilt relapse is inevitable. As they say in some drug relapse prevention programs, "a slip is just a slip." It's also a wake-up call that ought not be ignored.

Relapse prevention is a team effort

Addiction treatment programs help addicts regain control of their life. For some recovering addicts, a residency at a "halfway house" can beef up their recovery and boost their self-confidence before they return to their normal work and home life. Regular participation in self-help peer groups such as AA and NA lessen the sense of isolation and temptation that can precede a return to bad habits.

For the individual who's devoted to staying drug-free, relapse prevention in Woonsocket, RI is a team effort. Family members affected by alcoholism or drug addiction find mighty support in groups like Narconon and Alanon. The treatment facility where you did rehab can tell you where to find a range of programs for relapse prevention treatment that help people like you resist the urge to use or drink. Call Woonsocket Drug Rehab Centers now for help (401) 429-0315.

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